Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Family of Jesus.

I'm thinking this will be my favorite-ever Karen Kingsbury book. Karen has applied her steady-paced, heart-tugging storytelling to Gospel history.
In this book, she focuses on Jesus' earthly family: Joseph, the man who raised him. Mary, the girl who gave birth to the fulfillment of Prophecy. James, his brother who struggled. John the Baptist, his cousin who prepared the way for him. His Aunt Elizabeth and his Uncle Zechariah, who were waiting, and working and hoping. 

Karen's writing sparked my imagination. I could picture the scenes as they unfolded. Zechariah, struck dumb in a temple room saturated with incense and awe. Mary watching an old man cradle her baby and proclaim that he can now die, for he has seen his salvation. John The Baptist's entry into Truest Life by the blade of a decapitating sword. James, finding out that his brother is God. Mary, trying to soothe the wounds on her Son's dead body, preparing Him for burial in a donated tomb. 

It's really amazing to think that family is so important to God that His Son needed to be raised within its cocoon. Jesus had a family and all that comes with it. The laughing and tears and suppers together and quiet early mornings where all the people you most love sleep under this one roof. Arguments between siblings and deep bonds and shared grief and family reunions where the conversation picked up exactly where it has been left off last year, Jesus experienced it all. 

This is really a great little book. It was an uplifting, soothing read for me one afternoon, and I think it would make an excellent gift for a new Christian, male or female. You could say "Here, as you navigate your way around the Gospels, this is novelized six stories to help you meet the main characters." 

Thank you Howard Books for my Review Copy.

Karen Portrait by Dan Davis Photography

When I sit down at my laptop to write a novel, I pray for you, and I pray God will use the words He gives me to touch your hearts. Because of those special moments in prayer, I think of you as friends. If you lived next door, we'd get together and have a cup of coffee, or a cup of tea, my favorite. 

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