Thursday, June 19, 2014

The *Truest* Thing About You

The Truest Thing about You: Identity, Desire, and Why It All Matters

There are so many different facts about our lives that inform our self-perception, based on everything from our education and socioeconomic level to our interpersonal relationships and sexuality.

There are so many different labels, some with shame and stigmas attached, that we find ourselves bearing. Whether we want them or not the world has a way of assigning them to us.

When you take those outward facts about what we do or where we've been ("I'm a UNH Alumni from a blue-collar neighborhood and I'm a single mother with two kids") and combine them with the labels we're given  ("I'm divorced" "She was anorexic" "I have PTSD" "He has ADHD" "He's an alcoholic") is that who we really are?  Obviously, the answer is partly Yes. Those all may be true things. But what is the Truest Thing About You? 

Everyone else seems to have us figured out, yet there is so much inner wondering about who we really are. 
Who can tell us who we are? Who really knows us, all our layers and all our questions? Who can give us our true name?

That's what David Lomas' extremely readable book is all about. Where does my foundational identity come from? Is it determined by what I *Have* or what I *Desire* or something else entirely? 

This book was intriguing right from the concept on in. The Truest Thing About You could be a fast read because it draws you right in, but it's the kind of book you'll return to. David tells personal stories, about his own life and the life of his congregation in San Francisco and de always points back to God and what He says about us. 

I put this book on my shortlist for New Christians, and I can't wait to share it with someone. 
(I don't know why I'm surprised by how good thing book is. It was published by David C Cook after all. If you're looking for challenging, gracious, winsome book- apologetics to Christian living- then do check out a David C Cook title.) 

Thank you to the publisher for my review copy! 

Here's an interview with Pastor Lomas...

Calif. Pastor on the 'Truest' Thing About You and Why It Matters

A San Francisco pastor wants to relay the message that a person's identity isn't found in their successes or failures, their career, or even their sexual orientation. A person's true identity is found in who God says they are.
"We subtly believe we can make an identity ... so we try and try and never succeed," Pastor Dave Lomas told The Christian Post. "We don't find an identity, we receive one from God, our Creator."
Lomas makes his point in his newly released book, The Truest Thing About You: Identity, Desire, and Why It All Matters.
"Here's the problem: you're clinging to true things about yourself that simply aren't that true. You're elevating things that are merely true - or half-true, or true some days but not others - to the level of 'truest.' I know you're doing this because I do it too," the Bakersfield, Calif., pastor writes.
His book, he says, "is about the truer things" that "have the power to change everything else, including the merely true things."

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