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Woman of Fortune...

Woman of Fortune....

While the Massey family prospered, everyone courted them and bowed to them. As the owners of Legacy Ranch, they were Texas royalty. 
Secretly their neighbors may have despised them, but the Massey wealth and social position demanded outward respect. 

When the Massey fortune collapsed and an investigation began, the media picked the bones of scandal and the nation scoffed and laughed at the Texas Maddoff's. 
For Claire and Lanie Massey, the mother and daughter, this was like being fed ashes instead of bread. To go from being pampered and praised to cut down and cast off, to lose their father to prison, it broke their family as thoroughly as dropping an heirloom vase onto a marble floor. 

This book's foundation is the question "How does it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your own soul?" 

When I began this story, I thought none of the characters were very likable. They had lived to their extensive means, and then far beyond their means, and Mr. Massey had continued extending those means through corruption and cheating. I was thinking "Look, these are the consequences. You lived your disgustingly opulent life, and you tore it down with your own hands. Deal with it." 

But then, as I read, I saw that was the point. What if my own weakness and failure, my own appetites and corruption were all exposed to the world? 
What if I received due consequences instead of Grace for my every action? Would my family be able to forgive me if I changed/destroyed their world, or would they run from me like the Massey's ran from each other? 

About half-way through Woman of Fortune, you'll be wondering if the Massey family can ever come back together. I encourage you to read this story and watch them falter and fall, but ultimately find their family again.

Thank you Revell Reads for my review copy.

Kellie Coates Gilbert

  1. I fell for my skydive instructor (pun intended) and we’ve been married over thirty years.
  2. I appeared on the popular television game show, Price is Right.
  3. I made Ted Kennedy’s bed (as a maid at the Sun Valley Lodge).
  4. Part of my skull was temporarily stored in a cooler during brain surgery.
  5. I’ve been to a Rocky Mountain Oyster fry. (don’t ask…look it up).
  6. I’ve herded sheep.
  7. I’ve attended a presidential inaugural ball.
  8. I know how to tell the difference between a male and a female crab.
  9. My first office was in the Idaho State Capitol Building.
  10. I was a popcorn ball in my fourth grade Christmas pageant.
  11. My Gram called me her “precious puddin’ gift of God.” I’ve tried to get my husband to use that term of endearment, but he refuses.
  12. The popular doll, Barbie, and I are nearly the same age.
  13. There were sixteen students in my high school graduating class.
  14. I decided to play golf because the clothes are so cute.
  15. My life motto is: Prone to wander, chained to grace.

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  1. I loved your thoughts on this book, Faith. I started reading it last night and can't wait to review and publicize it. If you haven't read it already, get her first book, Mother of Pearl, one of my all-time favorites.