Friday, July 4, 2014

Dear Son: A Father's Advice

Dear Son: A Father's Advice on Being a Man (Resurgence Books)

The premise of this book touched my heart, and I knew I needed to read it. 
Dave Bruskas is a "sonless father" writing to a world of "fatherless sons." 
His one son, David, was born twenty-two years ago, and he went to be with the Lord sixty three days after his birth.  
Pastor Bruskas and his family (a beloved wife and four daughters) have had a gaping wound in their hearts ever since. 
That wound never stops aching, it never goes away, and until they hold their son in heaven it won't close.  
And it motivated him to write this book for young men who are here and have no guidance or encouragement. 

Dear Son: A Father's Advice on Being a Man. This book would make a good gift for a boy between 15 and 20.  
The best part is the actual letters to his son, in all their tenderness. There is one letter for each section, an it's full of family stories and reflections. 
The rest of each section is straight talk, authoritative and applicable. There is advice on man as Christian, Son, Brother, Young Man, Provider, Citizen, Member of Church, Husband, Father, Vessel- of Grace, and Mortal- living in light of eternity. 

Obviously, Dear Son is chock full of wisdom for walking like Jesus in our wild world, yet I think the bigger lesson could be learned from what the author says about him and his family in the loss of their son. 
That's where the real gold is in this book, in the glimpses he reveals. "We celebrate your birthday each year and dream about who you would be if you were still living. We cry a lot. We recommit to loving each other better in the next year. Losing you has made us all appreciate each other more." 

I'm praying that every family who loses someone will find a way to do this, to grieve *and* love all bundled together. 

Thank you Tyndale for my review copy. 

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