Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jesus with Dirty Feet.

 Jesus with Dirty Feet is a book of sensitive straight-talk.

At first I was going to say that Don Everets takes us back to "bare bones Christianity," but that's not the best phrase.

He isn't explaining the skeletal structure of a religion, he's painting a portrait of a people and their King. 

He starts with one Man (who had been born on a specific day in history- unmarked except that shepherds saw angels, in an ordinary birth as women know it, but to a virgin girl) and the Man is now grown up and spreading Good News.

His message is disarming and terrifying, simple and risky. It demands your whole life but he tells you to give it day by day. Jesus said "Follow me." 

And people did. And do. Always they follow with fear and desires waging war inside them, with pain and sickness crippling them, with poverty or wealth distracting them, with liberal and conservative politics mixing into the faith and skewing things and with pettiness and large hearted generosity mingled together.  As Rich Mullins sang, "I may falter in my steps, but never beyond Your reach." 

And along the way we- those people- picked up steeples and Sunday clothes and systematic theology, and we try so hard to make Christian nations and explain God's word. 

And we forget the Man who is the Only Reason to be a Christian.
(This man who was so crazy and unquestionably Good that He must be God.)
And whenever we glimpse Him again, we find Him perpetually startling and infinitely comforting.

This book helps.

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