Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Love Letters from the Edge

Love Letters from the Edge

Love Letters from the Edge, by Shelly Beach and Wanda Sanchez.

This book is worthy of its title. It is one long, lovely letter from the Heart of God to your heart. 
And unlike some "letters from God" this one isn't fluffy, or New-Agey, or written for happy people with tiny problems.
No. Every word here is written in light of His Word, and the situations Shelly and Wanda speak to are the raw ones. 
As the subtitle states, these are meditations for those struggling with the pain of life. 

There are 12 "weeks" worth of meditations, but you read them any way you want. 
Each week has one foundation. I see you and know you. I cradle you in My arms. I comfort you. I remember you. I restore you.
I bless you with the power to forgive. I secure you in my love. I accept you. I send gifts and renew you. I bless you with power to release the past. I promise to love you forever. I promise you a hope and a future. 

If we believed those foundational truths, our world would change right here. 
And yet how many people have never even heard this stuff from God, never mind dared to believe it was meant for them so fully? 

This book should be given out by the basketful, in every infertility clinic, every crisis pregnancy center, every PTSD and grief support group, any addiction recovery group, each at-risk-kids group, every domestic/sexual abuse healing group, and every patient-caregiver situation. Add anybody who has lost a loved one, anyone who has been ill and gone through a traumatic situation, and anyone who has been homeless. 

Anywhere that anybody is hurting, they need the healing that this book holds out. They need the love of God, and they need some good human help. Give them both. Take their hand, hug them, listen to them, press this book into their arms, and write your phone humber in the front cover. It is a start. 

The other great thing about this book is the information on PTSD itself. Post Traumatic Stress is a perfectly natural reaction to the terrible things that happen in life. Obviously, time in combat will cause PTSD in veterans, but so will an attempted rape on a 16 year old girl. So will a car accident in a 50 year old woman, a bout with cancer in a 30 year old man, a hard childbirth with a medical error in a new mom. There is no shame in suffering with post-traumatic stress, and there *is* hope... for your mind, body, and emotions. 

There are many websites listed in the back, including HealMyPTSD.com, helpformylife.org, and PTSDperspectives.org. 

Thank you Kregel for my review copy. I already shared this book with a friend, who is navigating loss of a parents and difficult family circumstances. She greatly appreciated Love Letters from the Edge. 

Wanda Sanchez Wanda Sanchezis the executive producer of one of the nation’s top talk shows in a highly-ranked California market. She has worked with the world’s top political leaders, as well as Hollywood personalities, New York Times best-selling authors, and top-ranked cultural analysts. She has also worked as a television producer and is the founder and president of her own publicity firm, representing authors and speakers. A sexual abuse survivor who has experienced a journey of dramatic healing from post-traumatic stress disorder, Wanda speaks to medical and mental health professionals in conferences, seminars, as well as to women in the nation’s prisons. She can be reached at Wanda@PTSDPerspectives.org.
Shelly BeachShelly Beach is an award-winning author of eight books, including The Silent Seduction of Self Talk. She has written with a Pulitzer Prize Finalist and New York Times best-selling authors, as well as providing writing and consulting services for a producer of a recently-launched Lifetime television reality series. Shelly is the co-founder of two writers’ conferences and an adjunct professor at Cornerstone University. She is also a sexual abuse survivor who speaks to medical and mental health professionals at conferences, seminars, and in the nation’s prisons. Shelly is also an “expert” consultant for Caring.com, the Internet’s most frequently consulted site on caregiving issues, receiving approximately 2 million hits per month. Shelly can be reached at Shelly@PTSDPerspectives.org orwww.ShellyBeachOnline.com.

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