Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Winter's Promise by Ken Gire

Winter's Promise

Ken Gire sure knows how to write! 
I have only read one previous book by him, Peace in the Storm but he has written many more: The Divine Embrace, Windows of the Soul, Seeing What is Sacred, etc. Winter's Promise is composed of selections from those full length works. 
Mr. Gire's writing translates well to devotional reading. Each one or two page portion is uplifting in the best sense of the word. 

As the subtitle states, these are reflections for life's difficult seasons. Life's winter. The reflections have titles like Broken Hallelujah, Dormant in the Soil, Blessed Company in the Waiting, and A Soft Voice in the Routine. He talks about dark nights of the soul and days wandering in the desert. He is honest about the times when we tremble and wait for the dawn and about the spirit-parching troubles that sap us dry of hope. Yet Mr. Gire keeps pointing out the shine of stars in the dark and the tiny streams in the desert that appear and encourage us to hang on. And more than those signs, he points us to the Sign Maker, who sustains us even when He is silent, who meets us in the Word and all over the world, and who feeds us at a good table amidst the ruins. 

This book is quiet, beautiful, observant, relevant, and sensitive.

Here are a few quotes to savor.
"The closest communion with God comes, I believe, through the sacrament of tears. Just as grapes are crushed to make wine and grain to make bread, so the crushing experiences of life produce the elements of this sacrament. I think of the tears I have cried over the years, and by pooling them into one place I can see rippling in it a reflection of myself."

"When we live out lives with an inner stillness, the way a weaned child rests against his mother, we get a sense not only of oneness with the Father but a certainty of His purpose in our lives. Love comes when we rest against our Father's chest. Joy comes when we catch the rhythms of His heart. 
Peace comes when we live in harmony with those rhythms."

Thank you Harvest House for my review copy.

Ken Gire

Ken Gire is the author of more than 20 books, including "The Divine Embrace," "Windows of the Soul," "The Work of His Hands," the Moments with the Savior series, and the Reflective Life series. He has also co-authored "The Birthright" with John Sheasby. Two of his books have been awarded a Gold Medallion. A full-time writer and speaker, Ken is the founder of Reflective Living, a nonprofit ministry devoted to helping people learn how to slow down and live more reflective lives so they can experience life more deeply, especially life with God and other people. Ken is a graduate of Texas Christian University and Dallas Theological Seminary. He has four children and three grandchildren and lives near the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Monument, Colorado.

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