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Charis: God's Scandalous Grace for Us

"Grace. If this stuff ever gets old, we might as well throw away our Bibles."~ Preston Sprinkle. 

Charis is the story of a God who keeps coming and living with us humans. 

First He gave us life in Eden, the garden that defines paradise, where you could walk and talk to God in the cool of the evening.
Then He gave the Hebrews his presence in a tent in the desert, encouraging them to come to Him in the Tabernacle despite their golden-calf baggage.  
Then after ages of shouting grace from the rooftops and whispering it to the perishing, God came in the flesh and was born into a manger...
making His dwelling in an earthly house.  
And finally, He promises that where He is, there we shall also be... in our Father's house are many rooms. 

How is it that God wants so badly for us to be with Him? Grace.... a powerful, uncontainable, illogical, wonderful, straight-up Grace that Preston Sprinkle calls "Charis." He calls it charis because that is the Greek word for it... and the definition is simply "A Gift." 

Thus begins this wonderful book that makes me want to wake up sleepers with the message of Charis and rock babies to sleep on a song of Charis.
It makes me want to accept myself because of God's Charis towards me and it makes me want to see my family through the eyes of God's Charis.

"God's plan of salvation was not upheld by the mighty arms of (righteous people) but by God's tender grip of grace on social rejects." 
~Preston Sprinkle

Ok... so Charis proclaims a grace so potent, we're staggering/dancing drunk by the end of it. 

What else is there to like about this book? Well, did anybody mention that it is based out of Old Testament stories? Yes. The Old Testament. 
The home of much that is odd and dangerous and deadly... is also the testimony of Grace? Yes. 
Supremely rich grace, and a God who gives it so gladly. 

"God's rock-solid promise to redeem His wayward children and to be in relationship with His people- to love us, forgive us, and enjoy us, cannot be thwarted by wickedness. God will relate with us. God will bring His people back to Eden." 
~Preston Sprinkle 

 So, if you let God throw you into the ocean of His love, expect a shocking wave of Charis to come down on your head. 
And it will terrify you and clean you and make you new all at once.

Thank you David C Cook for my review copy

Preston SprinklePreston was born and raised in California, but God has taken him to different parts of the world. After graduating from college (2000) and seminary (2003), he and his wifeI ventured to Scotland where where Preston completed my PhD in New Testament from Aberdeen University. While in the UK, Preston held a brief teaching stint at Nottingham University and then came back to the States where he taught Biblical Studies at Cedarville University in Ohio. In June 2009, he moved back to southern California, where he currently teachs at Eternity Bible College and attends Anthem Church in Thousand Oaks. Preston is happily married to his beautiful and energetic wife, Christine, and has three daughters and one son. In addition to his love for baseball and surfing, his family and he also enjoys the outdoors (hiking, camping, having fun in the sun) and hanging out with college students.

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