Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rain, Thunder, and Lightning...

Storm Siren. This fantasy is as intense as a hail storm, and it's crackling with magic. The tale is terrifying at times, and then it rains down beauty.

Why do I think you should hurry to sneak Storm Siren in as your last Summer-2014-Read?

Well, we have....

A heroine, who can call a storm out from inside her soul and pour it on the world. Nymia's power is deadly and she cannot force it down, cannot cut it out of her soul, cannot beat it into submission. She has been bought and sold 14 times and has 14 tattoos sliced into her arm and a left hand full of crippled fingers to prove it. She is rejected again and again, and lives under condemnation.
She is shattered, and she feels like she deserves to be broken because of what her curse has caused.

A Kingdom, under attack, a kingdom of black roads and wheat fields and green mountains and slave markets and evil creatures. 
A Kingdom where Nym is supposed to be trained as a precision weapon, and used even more to destroy the enemies. 

Her trainer seems like a man without a soul, unable to care about anybody. Yet he doesn't seem to want to control Nym, as she had expected.
And when she is with him, her storms don't feel suppressed, but gentled. 

And it's all narrated from Nymia's mouth, first person. We are inside her head, inside her desperation, inside her constant fight against herself.
As a "freak of nature" she shouldn't exist, and surely no goodness can come of her power. 
And the whole time, we readers know that she was created this way for a purpose... and it shall soon be made clear. 

This book is 330 well-used pages long, and this is the first book in a trilogy. (Be warned... the ending of Storm Siren will make you crazy with curiosity!!!) 

I think this will be a great series to follow over the coming two years. A heroine who reminds us of ourselves, a glimpse of love in a strange place, great themes to think about, and adventure aplenty. 

Thank you Booklook Bloggers for my review copy!

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  1. I loved this one! She did such an amazing job and Nym is awesome!