Thursday, September 25, 2014

Buried Beneath the Words

Buried Beneath the Words

Have you ever slammed on the figurative brakes in the middle of your day and asked yourself why you were thinking such draining thoughts? 
Have you ever asked "Why do I treat myself this way? Why am I so convinced of my own worthlessness?"  (Even a child of God catches herself thinking like this!)
And if you've ever examined the defeated, discouraged soundtrack in your head, did you trace it back to the source? 
Did you recognize all the lies you had been told, that you accepted for yourself, that you still believe?

Some lies are obvious and deadly if you hear them- "You're useless. You ruin everyone's life." 
Other's are far more subtle- "You're just like your father," and you know nothing good is intended. 
Still others are never expressly delineated, but they still creep in. 
"My mistakes define me. I'm helpless. I'm hopeless. I can't keep up with all the better people."

When we claim a lie for ourselves, and weave it into the very fabric of our daily lives, repeating it like a mantra, we become buried beneath the words. 

And that's what Betel Arnold's book is all about. It's about getting brave enough to grab a shovel and dig out from underneath the rubble of lies, and start building a wall of truth around your heart instead.  
This concept is simple and revolutionary at the same time- start declaring God's words over your world. Every time you find yourself clutching a bad thought, replace it. 

Betel is a fine guide for us. She shares many personal experiences of times when she believed lies, and times when she let them go.  
It's a scary thing, evaluating your thoughts, and it's an uphill road to change them. Yet it will set you free. 

I especially enjoyed Betel's stories from her own life, and then I enjoyed making use of the "journaling spaces," to record your own negative thoughts and your new declarations. I think this would be a fine book for teenage girls, to help them learn how to fill their minds with God's goodness instead of the depressing thoughts we tend towards. This book could very well begin our journey to reclaiming our own minds! 

Thank you Litfuse for a review copy. 

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