Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Love Story~ Nichole Nordeman

Love Story

Love Story... The Hand that Holds Us From the Garden to the Gate ~ 
Isn't that a beautiful way of looking at the narrative of Scripture, the history of humanity, and our own period in time- we're in between the Garden and the Gate? 

Nichole Nordeman would probably shy away from being called "profound," so I'll phrase it this way- this is a book of honest seeking. 
It's a book of stories. Some of them are about recognizing God's gentle hand, some about reaching out and touching His strong and saving hand, some about waiting in the night for His hand to spill down the dawn. 
Come to think of it, those are the stories we live and tell over and over, aren't they? That's why the Bible is still relevant- because Adam and Eve and Ruth and Naomi and Mary and the Thief all have stories that have to do with yours and mine. 

And the things Nichole comes up with... like she talks about Esther, and then muses on how we're sometimes afraid of beauty, of being taken in by it, to the point that we shun it and think godliness means life lived in grays and browns. And Esther knocks that idea out because she won the heart of the King with her absurd loveliness. 

Talking about Paul, and how he'd probably be easier to understand if we could chat face to face, and then pondering on how we want so bad to be "sold out" Christians that we will "sell out" when we're with a more outspoken Christian crowd. She talks about laughing at the political jokes and affirming stances that we aren't convicted about, hoping to keep from seeming lukewarm.

And her honesty! She admits that she tries to avoid the Book of Job! (So do I.) 

I've never listened to any of The Story soundtrack, so my first exposure was through reading the lyrics to Nichole's songs in this book.
Some of them have already been added to my poetry scrap-book. 

"This is how Love wins, every single time,
Climbing high upon a tree where someone else
should die.
This is how Love heals the deepest part of you,
Letting Himself bleed into the middle of your wounds." 
~Lyrics from Nichole's The Thief 

Thank you Worthy Publishing for my review copy...

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