Saturday, September 27, 2014


I was reading my local paper this morning. (It was accidental, I swear.)

I happened to end up in a tribute written for somebody, and in that tribute were the words "I believe in a warm, loving Higher Power, whom I call God....."

The rest of it really didn't matter. I was paused right there, wondering

"How does this even work?"

 You believe in a general Niceness hovering over the world. An amorphous Indeterminably-High being with Some Power, and you choose to call it God.
(As opposed to the monikers of Tomato or Toe-Jam.) How interesting.

I would have thought it worked the other way. I would have thought that God- the Original Cause, the Unmade Maker, the Love from whom all other Loves flow- that He would have revealed Himself and His attributes, and we would have believed in what He said He is, and called Him God because that's what He was... but lets leave that for now...

I'm just thinking how useless that would be. A nice, sloppy, shapeless, well-intentioned Higher Power.

Telling me that God-as-a-Concept is watching over me is as pointless as telling a child in a dark, empty room will be comforted by Nurturing-Female.

A frightened child needs its Mother, a particular individual woman bound to him with ties of love, who has a beating heart and skin and bones, who can lift that child from his bed and speak to him with a distinct and soothing voice, and sing a song he recognizes.

He needs a Real Live Being, one with a Particular Identity and a Familiar Form, one who is in Relationship with him. A Being who meets him in specific times of need.
Mother-as-a-Concept is useless to a sick child in the middle of the night.

God-as-a-Concept is useless to a broken world of real deaths and real pain.

When are we going to call Him by Name?

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