Friday, September 26, 2014

The Princess Within

The Princess Within for Teens: Discovering Your Royal Inheritance

Let me admit something. I put off reviewing this book because I rarely enjoyed anything marketed specifically to Teen Girls. 
So many books for teen females were shallow. They paid lip-service to a few select Bible verses and used anecdotes of high-school drama that I couldn't relate to. After a while, I gave up on almost all Young Adult books.

So a month ago I received Serita Ann Jakes' book *The Princess Within* and I thought I knew what to expect. 
I was very surprised. Yes, this book has a tiara and sparkly pink tennis shoes on the front. 
Yes, it addresses popularity, the dating game, and social media. 
And yes, it is worth the read. 

Why am I so glad that I have a copy of this book? 
Because Mrs. Jakes writes in a way that makes sense to a girl's heart. 
She dispenses wisdom without sounding preaching, she reveals bits about her own faith journey as a young woman, she includes a lot of stories from modern young girls, and there is a ton of Scripture in here. 
And not just the nice, soft verses that we put on inspirational desk-calendars. Nope. 
Mrs. Jakes takes girls to verses like Isaiah 53. 
She introduces us to the women of the Gospels, the women with the issue of blood and the woman caught in adultery. She helps the beautiful, time tested words of Scripture make sense in real life, and she shows how human needs and the character of God are still the same. 

I think that girls will be drawn in by the straight-talk about their world. Mrs. Jakes starts with the relatable (a party we're not invited to, money spent on beauty products) and moves to the serious (a God who holds our hurting hearts and the pain caused by our body image culture.)
She takes the discussion and moves it right to God- what does he say, how much does He care, and what does that mean for the way we live? 

Whether it's a fun quiz about clothes and friends and parents or a heart-to-heart about living fearlessly in a violent world, this book belongs in many girl's backpacks and on their bedside tables. 

Thank you Bethany House for my review copy.

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