Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"I'll Be Me..." A Glen Campbell Documentary.

First I must say that my family has collectively loved Glen Campbell's music since we encountered the haunting notes of "Wichita Lineman."
(Glen is one of those people who could probably sing the phonebook and sound good.)
From "Gentle on my Mind" to "Ghost on the Canvas" our CD collection reflects his long career.

So we were honored to be able to review the documentary about his life, "I'll be Me."

This film, almost two hours long, includes concert footage from Glen's farewell tour, home movie film from his younger days, interviews with artists who were deeply inspired by him, and many candid conversations and personal scenes between Glen and his family.

The love that his wife, children, and close friends have for him is incredibly touching to see.
Together, they are committed to facing this Alzheimer's diagnosis with courage, grace, and humor.
And those qualities are evident in abundance to the viewer.

There were times I laughed, when Glen was goofing around at home in his kitchen or practicing stringing his shoelaces with a young pal of his on the tour bus.
And there were times when I prayed for Glen's family, because this disease is so terrible and they have cried many tears because of it.

This film will be hard to watch at times, because the Campbell family is facing a hard reality.
And yet it is so worth watching, because they're showing us their love and faithfulness in the midst of everything. This film also seeks to make us aware of the need for a prevention/cure for Alzheimer's, the sooner the better.

The interviews with other people (such as Bruce Springsteen and Keith Urban and Kathy Mattea and Brad Paisley and Sheryl Crow) add extra insights and pay tribute to Glen as a person and as a performer.

Some of the finest scenes are the ones where he and three of his kids take the stage during his farewell tour, doing new renditions of his old favorites. They pause to hug each other, and do some dueling between his guitar and his daughter's banjo, and sometimes the lyrics come out a little different. But you know what? They're always delivered from the heart.
That's just the way Glen sings.

If you have loved this musical legend's work- for years or for full decades- then you'll appreciate
"I'll Be Me." I know I did.

Thank you to the whole Campbell Clan for sharing Glen with us through this film, and thank you to Flyby Promotions for the chance to review and review it.

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