Saturday, October 11, 2014

Waiting for the Sun....

Waiting for the Sun

I have had Waiting for the Sun on my review shelf all Summer long, and it was only this week that I finally took time to fall into the story.
(And that's the right word for it, I fell into the plot and the setting and the character's lives. And I enjoyed my reading time greatly.)

Waiting for the Sun has a little bit of everything- possible romance, true friendship, suspense and mystery and daily-life comedy. 

There's a really good heroine, Gillian, who doesn't think of herself as anything special, but we readers know that she is. 
There's a farm house full of foster kids, each one with a bright personality that jumps off the page. 
(I love Shurita... she's a street-smart girl with a soft heart hidden under a bunch of friendly sarcasm and a wild hairdo.) 

The cast of characters is a fine one. There's Gill's Mom, who believes it's time for her baby to fall in love again. 
And there's Gill's ex-husband, who destroyed their marriage but keeps calling on the phone. 
There's Clint, Gill's new handyman at the ranch, who seems determined to charm her at every turn.
And there's Sam, the older ranch manager who's straight-talking, serious and a dear friend to Gill.
There's Charley, the over-zealous police officer who delivers each foster child in a blur of lights and sirens. 

In each case, the child steps out of the police car and into Auntie Gill's heart. She would keep every foster daughter forever if she could. 
I think that was my favorite aspect of Waiting for the Sun: this is a very family centered story, full of joy and tears. 
Gillian spends her days dispensing simple delights of childhood and coping with the terrible complexities of abuse and neglect. 
Her love for her girls reminds me of God's love for His kids. He's always there, always ready to give grace, always has a good word, loves each child's smile, and has high hopes for every one. 

The plot weaves together all kinds of emotions and a strong trust in God, even when things look dark. Gill strives to teach all the kids that in the middle of a scary night, you need to wait for the sun. It always rises. That's a beautiful description of a life lived by faith and not by earthly sight. 
Sometimes we have to trust that the Light will return. 

(The book cover, a rising sun over a farm field, fits this story perfectly.) 

Thank you very, very much to Elizabeth Bourgeret for sending me a review copy. I'm putting this on my keeper shelf. A sequel with more about Gill's next chapter  (or any other story you have to tell) would be much appreciated!

Elizabeth BourgeretElizabeth Bourgeret is a Missouri native that loves to spend her days writing, teaching or speaking when her busy schedule allows. She's always ready to take her work on the road where she finds inspiration around every turn.

Mother of two supportive daughters and "Grammy" to two adorable grandchildren, Elizabeth can be found soaking up the local culture of whatever town she finds herself in accompanied by her ever faithful Great Dane, Meera.

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