Monday, October 20, 2014

"Welcome to Our Home."

I'm sure you all know that scene in Christmas Vacation, when Clark Griswold's ever-gracious wife shakes hands with the SWAT team that just burst in,  saying "Welcome to our home?"

Well, when something interesting happens here occasionally one of us will quote her, complete with that particular civility-amidst-chaos tone, "Welcome to our home."

Anything that may happen to get blogged about in the future is going to come under this new category.... "Welcome to our Home."

Today we raked leaves, for two solid hours. It was wonderful... a morning of sunlight and clouds that complemented each other perfectly, and a healthy dose of "October's bright blue weather."
We got half the driveway cleared of leaves.

We had just finished lunch (raking works up a good appetite) when Somebody opened the freezer and brought out a strawberry yogurt container. This person peeked inside, saw thick white stuff, got a spoon and took a bite. They then pronounced that it wasn't yogurt, and it was delicious, so it must be frosting and we should all start eating it.

Our  family Baker, who would have made the frosting if there had been any, grew slightly frantic, insisting that it could not be frosting because the last cake they made left no frosting left over.

Person One just kept dipping their spoon, remarking how sweet and creamy the white stuff was, and proffering tastes to The Baker.
The Baker maintained that frosting it was not, and even cited the fact that their last frosting included bits of cinnamon in it, and this clearly did not have cinnamon.

(Meanwhile, I took note of the time the first bite of suspicious sweetness was ingested, and began looking up the Poison Control number.)

We finally determined that someone must have broken into our kitchen, whipped up some cream cheese frosting, packed it in a yogurt container, and then escaped without us noticing.

I'm not sure whether this is a Public Service announcement for keeping a close eye on the freezer, or a reminder to enjoy the nuttiness around us, but I thought I had to share.

"Welcome to our Home." 

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