Monday, October 27, 2014

Why Dogs Are...


Why Dogs Are is a colorful re-imagining of how dogs came to be "man's best friends."
The very first dog comes down to earth on a special mission- he has to help a little boy know that God loves him.
Brian can't see, so rainbows and blue skies can't say "I Love You." And Brian can't hear, so birds singing and favorite music and laughter can't say "I Love You."

How can God show Brian his love? God sends a dog.

This golden, smiling canine bounds through the illustrations, leaping from the clouds of Heaven down onto the grass of earth... and into Brian's life.

Children will love the scene where Brian hugs his new dog!

The illustrations are delicate and bright, and they expand the story beyond the few words of the text.
This is a sweet story, about a boy and his doggy friend and our good God who puts such pairs together.

Thank you to Fred and Nora St. Laurent of The Book Club Network, for my review copy.

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