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A lady at Willowgrove Hall...

A Lady at Willowgrove Hall (Whispers on the Moors, #3)

A Lady at Willowgrove Hall- book three in the Whispers on the Moors saga. 
What a lovely series this has been! 
I had never cared for the Regency period- the gowns, the hair, the courtly manners- but I truly enjoyed these books. 

In some ways, I liked this last one best of all. Cecily Faire is a winsome heroine, the kind who doesn't recognize her own worth. 
At sixteen this blacksmith's daughter was desperate for someone to love her. She chose Andrew Moreton, and they planned to meet and run away. When their secret romance was discovered, Cecily's father disowned her, separating her from her twin sister and leaving her at Rosemere girl's school. 

(Remember Patience Creighton, Headmistress of Rosemere from Book Two? Although she isn't a large character in this book, we see Patience's gentle influence mold Cecily into a fine, upstanding woman. The kind who would be hired as a companion for an elderly lady... a lady at Willowgrove Hall)

Cecily is about to meet Nathaniel Stanton, house and land steward of Willowgrove. Nathaniel is alert to any kind of duplicity or half-truth, because he's spent years living under a lie. Granted, it was a lie orchestrated to protect multiple parties, but it's a lie that cripples his future and restricts his hopes. 

Can these two become friends when they both have so much to hide? And will they come to love each other enough as human beings to risk sharing their pasts and embracing the future together? 

The joy of this book is watching it all play out, step by faltering, dancing, trembling step. You invest your emotions in Cecily's tale. 

Thank you Litfuse for my review copy. I'm delighted to have all three volumes on my Historical Shelf!

Sarah E. Ladd

 Every word has a melody.
Every sentence has a rhythm.
This truth has intrigued me since my early years. Even before I fully understood the meaning behind many of the words, I devoured literature and consumed poetry.
Austen, Alcott, Wordsworth: I left no piece of literature untouched, left no author unexamined. I continue to see magic in how a word is transformed by the word next to it and how written thoughts can incite emotion and evoke change.
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