Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Alby's Amazing Book

Alby's Amazing Book is the story of a squirrel who adores adventure. And Alby's greatest adventures come from books.

(Illustrations show Alby tottering toward the Acorn Library, weighed down with a stack of books.) 

And one Book is the best of all. (We see Alby curled up in a tent with a lantern, reading his Book and snacking on milk and a cookie!)

That book is bursting with adventure! The illustrations show spear wielding giants advancing on Alby, Alby scaling a wall on a red cord with flames and rubble all around him, and Alby flying over the Tower of Babel, just for starters. We also see Alby in the boat with the fishermen as they haul in a rainbow colored catch, and Alby in a verdant green garden of Eden, and a massive blue-and-yellow whale with a gaping mouth trying to swallow Alby.

(You may have guessed what the book is....) 

I think a little person tucked into a parent's lap would enjoy this book. It's energetic, and bright, and the squirrel characters are terribly cute. 
The short statements that the text makes- "With his special story book there's NOTHING Alby can't do!"-  can be full of suspense if the reader speaks in a dramatic voice. And as you read you can point to the pictures and say "What Bible story does the giant come from? And the whale? And the beautiful garden?"  Yep. You can have a lot of fun with Alby's Amazing Book. 

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for my copy. It's going in my children's book collection.

Catalina Echeverri is originally from Bogota, Colombia, and she speaks English, Spanish and Italian. She studied graphic design in Milan, Italy and completed an MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Arts (ARU). She loves to draw all of the time, and takes her sketchbook everywhere with her.

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