Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Small Talk- What Children Teach Us.

 Small Talk: Learning from My Children about What Matters Most

Small Talk- humor and reverence, insights and outbursts- it's all here.

Amy Julia Becker has written a book that I will be returning to. As she tells us, this isn't a parenting book filled with how-to advice. It's a collection of observations and conversations, scenes and stories inspired by her three kids.

And she's sharing them with us, divided by topic. We get musings on Easter, Friendship, Baptism, Church, Prayer, and a dozen other topics.

We get to hear about Penny, the eldest Becker child, who shows her Mom how to celebrate Christmas with all her heart. (As we move toward Christmas 2014, this was one of my favorite chapters. I'd say most Christians have wondered whether we need to shun the American abundance to get the focus back on Jesus. Penny leads the way in redeeming the celebration- giving, receiving, and delighting in the lights, songs, and wonder.)

We get the funny story about William accidentally eating a pear slice with Balsamic vinegar and saying "Quick! Yuck in my mouth! Pray for me!"
(Nothing like a child to remind us- Pray whenever something bothers you, right away.)

We get the tender moment between Amy Julia and the baby, Marilee, as they bond on a car ride to a doctor's office. Together they turned a difficult day- with double ear infections- into a time of sharing and loving.

All the way, as we laugh and groan and grow with the Beckers, we're encouraged to really look at the kids of all ages around us.
What are they trying to tell us? What do they see that they want to share?
We're reminded to engage with the "little ones"- and at the end of day we're all "little ones."

And we're encouraged to lean into the Love that surrounds us, the Love that flows through our family and finds its source in our Heavenly Father.

Thank you to Flyby Promotions and Zondervan for my review copy.

A word from Amy Julia's website...

I’ve wondered in the past if there is a thread that connects all the different topics I write about. Even to me, they sometimes seem unrelated: hope, grief, cancer, disability, theology, child-raising, education, Jesus, family. But what I have come to understand is that I am writing about what it means to be human. Moreover, I am writing about human perfection.
I used to think that human perfection meant human exceptionalism. Being more than capable. Through the experience of caring for my mother-in-law as she battled cancer, and through the experience of welcoming my daughter into this world after she was born and after she was diagnosed with Down syndrome, I realized that my understanding of what it means to be fully human was flawed.
 Jesus teaches that we should “be perfect” as our heavenly father is perfect, but the word translated “perfect” is actually the Greek word telos. Telos is a word that means, “that for which you were intended.” 
 The telos of human life is to discover who we are in God’s image. When Jesus says, “be perfect,” he could just as well have been saying, “Be who you were created to be.” 

And when we come to recognize one another as gifts-when the dividing lines of secular/religious, liberal/conservative, evangelical/mainline, gay/straight, disabled/able-bodied, rich/poor, black/white, are bridged-we get a glimpse of the kingdom of God among us. These moments and spaces, these points of connections, are “thin” places. The title of my blog, “Thin Places,” comes from a Celtic Christian idea that there are physical spaces where heaven and earth touch, where God seems more readily present, more easily accessed. 

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