Friday, November 28, 2014

The Song~ Awaken Love Devotional

"The Song: Awaken Love" is a new devotional that draws inspiration and application that finest of Hebrew love poems, The Song of Solomon.

I have heard much good about Kyle Idleman's teaching, and this was the first work of his that I've read.
It's not a full-length book, coming in at about 70 pages, yet you can tell that Kyle wants to help people to make Scripture's truth the framework of their daily lives.
In this case, he's teaching about love, marriage, and romance.

And there's a lot of material to work with. Despite the Song itself being only a few pages long- it gets lost between Proverbs and Isaiah- the verses within paint a grand and glorious picture of connubial bliss.
It's enough to remind our disillusioned generation that romance is a God-idea, and that marriage can be an increasing companionship instead of a life sentence.

I like Kyle's Biblically-grounded optimism. He thinks that marriage is "a gift from God that keeps on giving." And his view is encouraging as you read.

Listen to some of his thoughts:

"Romance is nurtured by the feeling that God has given you a treasure and that you have the rest of your life to exult in that treasure. Together you'll take on every challenge life offers. Together: a beautiful word, one that brings contentment."

"We see in our mate what our heart knows we need the most. And if it happens that both of us are seeking Christ, the effect is magnified. Our attraction to Christ enhances our attraction to each other."

"Praise wholeheartedly! Don't be afraid to fly the flag of your love for your favorite human being. Since God loves for us to encourage one another, he'll suggest little things to you as you speak, things you might not have thought of before."

"Grace is cyclical. When we give it, we get it. But in marriage it's easy to live in a cycle of 'ungrace.' This when we make it our job to fix the other person."

In other words, this is good stuff here.

I'll be filing this book in my "Marriage/Family" section. Thank you Flyby Promotions for my review copy!

Kyle Idleman

Kyle Idleman is the Teaching Minister at Southeast Christian Church located in Louisville, Ky with over 22,000 in attendance every weekend. He's a guest speaker for regional and national conventions around the country and regularly speaks for some of America's most influential churches. 

He's the author and presenter of the award winning video curriculum H2O: A Journey of Faith as well as The Easter Experience. Kyle's favorite thing to do is hang out with the love of his life, DesiRae. They have been married for 15 years and have four children: MacKenzie, Morgan, Macy and Kael.

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