Monday, December 15, 2014

Evening Prayers for the Year....

Evening Prayers

What can I possibly say about this book of 365 prayers, except that they are stunning in their simplicity?

They're prayers from a human heart, bearing the weight of weariness and hope. And they're directed to our Father-God's ear, meek before His holiness and bold in light of His love.

Here are some excerpts from days through the year- 

April 15th: "As we walk with you, fill us with hope that the whole world will see the light, for in your light alone can we find the fulness of life." 

June 3d: "Let the material world come under your hand. Lead us in such a way that others may be helped. When we suffer, grant us strength and understanding of your will." 

July 30th: "Be with us, and give our hearts what will remain with us, the strength and mercy of Jesus Christ."

August 6th: "We do not want our lives to remain base and petty but want to look toward something higher, rejoicing that the promise can be fulfilled." 

Sept 20th: "Even when we are dying, you protect and help us so that we need not pass into death but may enter into life. So may our hearts be lifted up to you. Grant that the light in us remains undimmed, and that we may come before you in sincerity." 

Sept 28th: "Keep us in your care. In all our special concerns may each of us experience your comfort and help." 

Oct 12th: "We have so much on our hearts that we cannot rightly express it all. Wherever a soul is sighing, wherever someone is calling to you, hear him." 

Nov 2d: "You can change everything. That is our faith." 

Nov 23d: "Show your sovereignty by guarding the flock close beside you and by pouring out your grace..."

Nov 30th: ".... again and again let something happen to bring us new life and strength." 

Dec 14th: "You open the door for all who have the childlike hope that in the midst of ruin, life remains, the life of Jesus Christ our Lord, life for all the world." 

I've heard people say we need to live in the "posture of prayer." 
I think that means we live humbly- ready to receive, gently- conscious of our need, and quietly- trusting in God's care. Thinking about that, what our world needs is more praying men and women. 
Faithful, stable, patient, peaceable.
Weaving these words into your evenings, tucking them into your heart as you whisper them, that is a fine way to end your day with prayer. 

Thank you to Plough Publishing, who provided a copy of this book in exchange for my thoughts as a reviewer. 

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