Friday, December 19, 2014

Homemade Decadence~ Joy-The-Baker

Joy the Baker Homemade Decadence: Irresistibly Sweet, Salty, Gooey, Sticky, Fluffy, Creamy, Crunchy Treats

When it comes to cooking, I'm capable of wiping counters and fetching ingredients. 
I'm kitchen help, not the head chef, and I'm cool with that.
So I enjoy looking at a cookbook and dreaming of eating the completed dishes, but I can't tell you whether the recipes have any intrinsic merit.  

However... here's the happy ending.... I have a good cook in my family. In particular, a Baker. 
So I requested this cookbook for them, and they're at my side right now helping me craft this review. 

By happy coincidence, my Baker already visits Joy-the-Baker's blog, so we pretty much knew that Homemade Decadence would be a delight.

And it is. One is rarely motivated by a recipe composed only of text on the page. There should always be stunning photographs to get you inspired. 
This whole book is a foodie's definition of visually beautiful. Everything from ice-creams to skillet cookies looks ready to for us to dig in. 

The recipe instructions are straightforward, and most recipes have between four and eight steps. 
Each recipe is introduced by a very fun paragraph which usually made me laugh. 
(The introduction for lavendar palmiers was a fantasy about eating a plateful of them as an old lady sitting in a rocking chair. )

And we take delicious to the next level here. 
There's cheddar-bacon crust on an apple pie, that makes me think of October evenings. 
And there's blackberry "picnic pie" cookies that make me long for the blazing August days when blackberries grow wild.

So what recipes am I going to be encouraging/begging my Baker to make?
The "everyday chocolate cake," for one. It's made in a loaf pan and glazed with even more chocolate on top. Tender and crumbly. 
The sour cream scones, which would go with either breakfast or a bowl of venison stew. 
That amazing, sticky cinnamon pull apart cake with lemon glaze.... *gets far away look in my eyes.* 
The banana bread biscotti- double baked and dipped in chocolate. (Sorry Grammy, I'm updating your beloved banana bread.)
The raspberry cream cheese brownies, because bites of raspberry in a brownie would be so tangy and amazing. 

Thank you Blogging for Books, Potter Publishing, and Joy the Baker for my review copy. I think you'll be inspiring some serious desserts and snacks around my house. 

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