Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pound Foolish~ Windy City Neighbors

Pound Foolish

Reading a Windy City Neighbors book is like visiting friends who share their happiness and their problems with you.

The people of Chicago's Beecham Street understand faith, love, and second chances- and they also know about unemployment, domestic disharmony, and difficult days. 

For the Singer family, they're enduring the latter situations. Greg is a man out of work, trying to replace his steady job with an energy-drink business. 
He has more repairs waiting to be done than should be legal in one home, and he's got two small kids who need his attention and help.
Mrs. Singer has marketable skills to tide them over, but Greg hates seeing her go off to work. Especially because her boss has everything Greg doesn't at the moment. 

Pound Foolish is the story of a family in crisis. Will they be divided, or will they trust God together and work towards a good future? 

I so enjoy these books. Each one highlights a different home on the street, and we meet them in their daily life. As I read, I remember that it's the little things that spell out H-O-M-E, no matter where we live. It's the meals shared together, the commitment to stick with each other, the presence of your people around you at the end of the day. 

These books celebrate the ways that God works and moves through our individual lives, and they point to the way we can help out neighbors know His care for them. 

Thanks to Litfuse Publicity for providing me with a review copy.

Dave and Neta


"Yep. We work together all day every day—and still like each other! Actually, we each have different strengths, and help each other become better writers. When one of us needs to brainstorm, we go on a long walk, and when we come back, we usually have figured out a solution to the writing problem."


"One thing about being a writer, your mind never seems to take a vacation! Even when we go camping, we’re often working on a writing idea. Even though we don’t take many vacations, we try to work some fun into our everyday life."

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