Friday, December 12, 2014

Rhythms of Grace...

Rhythms of Grace: Discovering God's Tempo for Your Life

Frazzled. Burnt-out. 
Stretched thin. Weary. 

None of those are pretty images, but they're sure vivid. 
And who hasn't experienced a period of time when those words are your reality? 

Sometimes stress comes with a season- new job, no job, holidays, college, illness- and it will pass in time. 
But sometimes, your life will need restructuring to reclaim "shalom" as much as possible. 

Kerri Weems begins this book by discussing that- "shalom." 
This old Hebrew word fascinates me, because it hints at wholeness and healing through all of our lives. 
It suggests everything being as it should be, moving to a rhythm of grace. 

St. Paul compared life to a long distance run, where ground is gained by one-foot-in-front-of-the-other persistence. Each person needs a pace they can sustain without sacrificing their sanity or soul.
This book is a straight-talking, compassionate guide to setting your pace in all areas: relationships, family and home, work, your schedule, your health, and your spiritual vitality.

Kerri suggests we establish a cycle of rebooting, taking time to reflect on what's working for us and what's not. Then she encourages us to dream a little, imagining a future of priorities and purpose. 
She reminds us that "We cannot conquer time, we can only sanctify and redeem it."  

Especially now, with the holiday season coming, I think there will be many people wondering how they're going to "run the race" in 2015. They're tired, worn out, and burdened. They know they can't stop moving, so many people depend on them! 
Perhaps this book would become a gentle guide for them. It would say "I know you can't stop running, but let's take a look at your pace. Let's reboot yours days, weeks, and months so that next year is less draining." If you need a last minute gift, you could certainly look at Rhythms of Grace.

Thank you Booklook for my review copy!

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