Thursday, December 18, 2014

Your New Identity... A Transforming Union with God.

Your New Identity: A Transforming Union with God

Your New Identity- A Transforming Union with God.

This slim Bible study explores vastly important truth- you have been made new, in Him, eternally.

You're hidden in Christ, clothed in Christ. You've been crucified with Christ, and raised with Christ to new life.

You have a new heart, and a new spirit.

You are a child of God, a saint, a member of the Body.

As a new creation, you shall never lack for new beginnings. Shame has been overcome with mercy.

This study is Scripture-intensive, with lots of context explanations to help us understand the verses.
Each chapter ends with a quote from one of the church fathers, and those a good reading.
The living Christ has been changing lives and restoring hearts since the first man or woman recognized who He was.
And He hasn't changed. Emmanuel, God-with-Us, Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing.

"It is Christ who has brought about this change. There was a time when we knew Him in His earthly life, but know we know Him in the perfection of His resurrection." ~ Chrysostom AD 347-407

"Faith is greater than the law, because the law is our work, whereas faith belongs to God." ~ Ambrosiaster, AD 370's

"They are a royal priesthood because they are joined to the body of Him who is both the king and the true high priest." ~ Bede AD 673-735

Thank you Bethany House for my review copy.

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