Monday, January 26, 2015

Hidden Agenda~

Hidden Agenda (Southern Crimes, #3)

The whole time I was reading Dangerous Passage and Fatal Exchange, I was wondering- "Where is Michael?" 
Detective Avery and school-teacher Emily wanted to believe that their brother was still alive. 
Logic said he was gone... the building he'd been in exploded, and a medical examiner confirmed his remains. 
Why would these sisters dare to hope their brother had survived? 

I had a feeling that Michael's story would be the best of all. 

Lisa Harris's Southern series has taken us deep into the heart of Atlanta, onto troubled streets and into the lives of those sworn to serve and protect.

Hidden Agenda is Michael's story. We meet him twelve hours before his planned execution. After months of undercover work, Michael has been betrayed. 
The cartel knows that he isn't what he seems, and they plan to leave no threat alive. 

His rescuers? The grown children of the cartel leader himself, Olivia and Ivan. 

Olivia is a reporter. She wants the facts, and she knows that facts all point to Truth. And that Truth comes with a price. 
If she accepts the Truth about her father, it will shatter everything she thought she knew. Yet she can't deny the Truth... denial would kill an innocent man. So she and Ivan risk themselves in a daring rescue, and that is only the beginning. 

Just like the first two, Hidden Agenda was loaded with suspense and action. If you're searching for a mystery series, you should meet the Hunt siblings. 

Thank you to Revell for my review copy. Now I have the whole set on my shelf. :-) 

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