Sunday, January 18, 2015

Simply Open~

Simply Open: A Guide to Experiencing God in the Everyday

When somebody endorsed this book by saying that it reads like poetry, I was skeptical. 
I think I now know what they meant. 
This book, Simply Open, is written with the same awareness that imbues poetry. 

Greg Paul says that if we open our hands, eyes, mouths, nostrils, ears, hearts and minds, we will receive a rich revelation of God's ways and His work in the world. 
Over the course of this delightful and provoking book, Greg meditates on those seven ways we can open ourselves.  

Each breath we draw, every taste we encounter, everything that touches our skin... all these impressions enter our consciousness. They get into our hearts and minds, becoming our memories, our reference points, our windows to reality.

And there are so many facets to this book. When he discusses opening our hands, he talks about touching and how much touch means, how it conveys love and healing. 
He talks about giving, how our hands reach out- literally or metaphorically- to give to others. 
He talks about receiving God's gifts in an open hands, and he talks about the ever-creating and redeeming Hands of God.  

{Greg Paul includes some great quotes too. Thomas Merton's thoughts on the speech of rain, for instance, in the section Open my Ears.} 

Worth reading. Worth keeping. Worth gifting. 
Thank you BookLook and Thomas Nelson for my review copy! 

Greg Paul

Henri Nouwen, Michael Ondaatje, Jean Vanier, Joseph Boyden, Thomas Merton, Cormac McCarthy, Frederick Beuchner, Arthur Boers, Julian of Norwich, Meister Eckhart, Dallas Willard, Leonard Cohen, Alan Paton and hundreds more

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