Thursday, January 15, 2015

Waiting On God~

Waiting on God: Strength for Today and Hope for Tomorrow

Waiting. There are so many kinds of waiting. 
There's the expectant kind- when you're waiting for the joy of a birth announcement. 
There's the endurance kind- when you're waiting for somebody to be discharged from the hospital.
There's the anxious kind- when you're waiting for somebody to come home from a tour of duty overseas. 
There's the tedious kind- when you're just waiting for a routine dental appointment.
There's the kind with a definite end- April 9th, or five o'clock, or your anniversary, and there's the kind that stretches on and on with no clear destination in sight. 
There's the happy kind- when your loved one's plane is coming in.
There's the crushing kind- when you're waiting for a light, any flicker of light, in the dark. 

Charles Stanley new book Waiting On God addresses the hardest of waiting times- the ones that drain the life out of you, drop by drop. 

When you feel like the lack of movement, lack of response, and seeming lack of purpose are about to make you insane, what do you do? 

"How Long Do I Keep Waiting?" 

Charles Stanley comforts us with a call to courageous waiting. 
It takes a lot of faith to trust that God is moving when all seems still. 
To trust that God is speaking on your behalf when all is silent. 
To trust that heaven and earth are in His hands when you just want to see this problem solved.

Dr. Stanley writes about confident waiting- God has not left me alone to deal with this. 
Brave waiting- I am weak and small, but He is Almighty and Wonderful. 
Thankful waiting- negativity will fester in your spirit, but gratitude will feed your soul. 

He also speaks about how a period of waiting can actually set us free- free from the need to figure it all out, and free from the temptation to speed the plan along. 

I love the verse he returned to- "Not by might or by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord." 

How much sweeter would a waiting time be if I weren't viewing it as wasted time? 
What if I realized that my might, my power, my striving and attempts aren't necessary? 
What if I became resolutely convinced that God was doing what He needed to do to bring all good things to fruition? 

I think my favorite part of this book was in the last few chapters. Dr. Stanley describes how prolonged waiting can depress us, the voices in our heads c an demoralize us, and the state of our lives can cast us into despair. 
He titled this section "Fighting the Darkness with the Light of God's Word." 
There's a five page section of "Needs" such as Wisdom, Security, God's Presence, Guidance- and then Promises of His provision in each case. I think I'm going to photocopy that and put it on my wall!!! 

Thank you very much to Howard books for my review copy. This one's being added to my library. 

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