Sunday, February 22, 2015

52 Weeks with Jesus

52 Weeks with Jesus

James Merritt's 52 Weeks with Jesus is a fine and meaty devotional. 

Although I would be inclined to complete this book in a month or less, it's arranged so that you can read it over a full year. 
There are five chosen scriptures and five meditations/readings per week, with this pattern repeated fifty-two times. 

As the old hymn says, "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Look Full in His Wonderful Face."
That's what this book is all about: gazing at Jesus and being undone by His tradition-shaking goodness, his tenderness and courage, his sorrow and his joy. It's about knowing Him better and thereby knowing better how to live in the world. 

The aspects of Jesus's life and character that James Merritt explores include Jesus the Storyteller, Jesus the Miracle Worker, and Jesus the Overcomer. 
The Scriptures he chooses range widely through the Bible- from the Psalms to the Minor Prophets to Gospels to the Epistles. 
Biblical narratives (and modern illustrations) come together with pastoral commentary and application. 
James Merritt has one goal- pointing to Jesus, who is alive right now in the middle of everything. 

I have to say, this devotional has broad appeal. In my house, the book has already been appropriated by two different people. 
Neither one is a big fan of devotionals per se, but they're both enjoying working their way through this one. 

What better thing to do this year than spend some time beholding the One whose truth and beauty is transforming the world, one life at at a time?

I thank Harvest House Publishing for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest opinion.

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