Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Moonlighters Series- Terri Blackstock

Twisted Innocence (Moonlighters, #3)

I really enjoyed this book.

Twisted Innocence is not a mystery, not in the sense that you're reading to find out who did it.
(You know who did it, if you've read the previous Moonlighters books. It's Leonard Miller.)
And it's not a mystery in the sense that you find out *how* they did it.
(Leonard Miller's activities are fairly incomprehensible.)

This is really, at its heart, a suspenseful story about people dealing with the troubles of life.
And the magic is that Terri Blackstock made me care about these people.

Holly, the youngest Cramer sister, is a pink-haired Private Eye.
And when she's not working as an investigator, she's driving a cab.
She's determined to make up for her wild child past and provide for her little baby.

If you want further plot summary, I'm not going to give it.
Check Goodreads or Amazon.

If you want an endorsement, here it is: Read this story for the hours of pleasure it will bring, as you duck and dodge and dive for cover with the Cramer family and their sidekicks. If you've read the other books, you'll know brothers Michael and Max, and you'll be delighted with how their stories work out. (I do kind of wish Max could have ended up with Holly....but Terri did a great job convincing me that Holly's choice is the right, redemptive one to make.)

I thank Booklook for my review copy.

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