Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Resurrection in Your Life....

The Resurrection in Your Life

"I had hoped God would... but He didn't."

I don't know anyone who would want to claim that baldly stated sentence as their own.
When I saw it in chapter two of this book, I did a double take.
Because that thought had been rattling around in my own head.
I had hoped for something, asked for it, wanted it- yes, I even thought it would redeem a part of my life if I had it.

And graciously, it wasn't given.
So, confusion. Ache. Resignation.
"I had hoped God would, but He didn't."

Mike McKinley's book shouted into my mental fog- "Hey, wait a moment! You're feeling lack and disappointment because God didn't deliver this thing. But let's look at what He did deliver...."

The Resurrection in Your Life.

And that's what puts life in perspective.
When we meditate on the the Resurrection, we find our purpose again.
He's Alive. We're in Him. We have a secure hope.
We have unity through the Holy Spirit. We can have peaceful hearts. We can be courageous witnesses. The battles have been decisively won, so we can have joy now in the midst of the fights.
We're hidden in Him, so we can afford to trust His timing and live with gentleness.

As Rich Mullins sang "I did not make it, no, it is making me."

Absorbing the truth of what His resurrection has made us- that's a lifetime's work.
And it's a good one. I'm afraid this isn't the most scholarly review possible, but I'm going to keep it short and sweet. Reading The Resurrection in Your Life will help remind you of what He did, and will point you to the ways that He's making us.

I thank Cross Focuses Reviews for my review copy, and I also want to say that I read Mike McKinley's Passion (now titled The Cross in Your Life) last Lent.
Just like in Passion, he ends his chapters with old hymns, the glorious kind.
And as with Passion, those hymns were an excellent part of this book.

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