Monday, March 9, 2015

"God will be a soothing balm for your wounds..."

Wounded Women of the Bible: Finding Hope When Life Hurts 

What is this book? Is it a Bible study? Is it a self-help? 

I'd say that it is a Scripture-intensive look at women's wounds, and also at the ever-faithful One who heals them. 

They divide this book by the kind of hurts, such as Grief, Barrenness, Bitterness, Burdens, Abuse, and Desolation. 
And they tell the story of each woman who experienced those pains, such as Hagar, Ruth, Hannah, Jochebed, Abigail, and even Ichabod's Mother. 
(Excellent chapter on that little-known woman.) 
Tina and Dena go deep into the Biblical narratives, mining them for wisdom and grace to give to their Sisters in Christ.

These ladies clearly know their stuff. They speak of God using fresh, full color images. 
His Word is alive for them- it nourishes them and transforms them. 
And their passion comes through clearly, as they point us to sustenance in a hungry world. 

This book has an excellent, balanced approach. 
The Biblical accounts are presented, as well as contemporary testimonies of God working through the same emotions and struggles.
The individual stories are permeated with His Story, the Hand of the Father guiding and guarding His daughters. 
Hurtful experiences are never belitted, wounds are never dismissed, readers are never told to "suck it up." 
At the same time, wounds are never allowed to define our worth, our identity, or our future. 
Instead, hope is extended, Christ's presence is promised, and God's goodness is proclaimed. 

This is a supportive, gentle, God-grounded book. It's honest about our fears and incredibly bold in claiming Christ as the resolution to all of them.

Very much worth a read, even if you aren't dealing with a specific trauma. 

Thank you to Tina Samples and Dena Dyer, Kregel Publications, and for my review copy. 

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