Monday, March 16, 2015

Halo Found Hope

Halo Found Hope

 "I am a survivor who recognized the One who never left me- God. He blessed me with authentic courage, and I discovered where true hope is found. 
I want to encourage others to hold on, and never give up. When you stumble into feelings of defeat, do not stay there. Hold on to God." 
~ Helo {Halo} Matzelle. 

If you read this book, your natural reaction will be "What an amazing story- Helo and her family were so courageous and so resilient in the face of such a terrible diagnoses and all the complications that came with it." 
Halo, however, would correct you. "God is the amazing One," she would say. 

"Please make something beautiful out of this...." that was Helo's prayer the in days before she entered the hospital. 

This is a riveting personal story of one woman-wife, mother, and daughter- who faced an operation and recovery that drained her of all strength. 
When she would have given up, God sustained her. He carried her, restored her, gave her back to her family, and drew them together in new ways.
And ever since, He has placed people in her life who need to hear her story and see what He did for her, to believe that He cares about them too. 

"God makes beauty from ashes; trials build genuine faith. We can rise from struggles when we ask God to be the leader of our battles. This is strength and comfort at its finest. He breathes Heavenly hope into our hearts and holds us together." 

This is also an exquisite testimony to the work of God and the worth of Christ in our lives. 
Helo knows the power of grace to conquer fear, and she points to the ever-present Mercy in our times of need. 

Thank you Helo and Litfuse Publicity Group for my review copy. 

 This written account began as a simple diary, hidden in a drawer. A year and half later, it set the stage for her memoir, “Halo Found Hope,” launched in 2015. Helo chronicles her battle against a brain tumor with vivid details surrounding surgery, complications, an eight-week hospital stay, and twenty weeks of intense rehabilitation (learning how to walk, talk, eat, think and function again). But her memoir is not just about that brain tumor and giant challenge of regaining a “new normal.” Helo also illustrates, how God stayed by her side…turns doubt into trust, fear into courage, and defeat into determination. He equips us to be brave.
A portion of author proceeds will go to the National Brain Tumor Society, the largest non-profit organization dedicated to the brain tumor community in the United States.

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