Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sand in my Sandwich~

Sand in My Sandwich: And Other Motherhood Messes I'm Learning to Love

Sarah Parshall Perry begins this book by saying that she's part of a "culture of confession"- a group of people who believe that telling the truth about themselves is part of finding the Truth that will renew the world. 

These men and women are writing a lot of books these days, and I'm benefitting from reading them. 
Their writing walks the line between memoir and meditation, expressing authentic faith amidst musing, struggling, and wondering. 
(Peter Chin's Blindsided by God, Sara Hagerty's Every Bitter Thing is Sweet, Amy Julia Becker's Small Talk, Naomi Zacharias' The Scent of Water, and Andrea Raynor's Incognito, for example.) 
I think it's a good sign. We must learn to be real with ourselves and our lives, because how else can we offer a real God to the world? 

So... Sand in My Sandwich. Looking at the cover, you might assume this is a fluffy, funny book about preschoolers and how difficult it is to take them to the beach. (That's what I thought, anyway.) 
Nope. The first few pages place you right there in the Perry's home, a home bursting with energy and potential and laughter and lessons to learn and rivalry and harmony. It's a home with skinned knees and difficult moments, and grace given and love expressed. And you feel this pouring off the pages.    

Sarah and Matt have three children- Noah, Grace, and Jesse- with both sons on the autism spectrum. 
{They also have every pet animal possible, from dogs to hermit crabs to guinea pigs to horses.} 
All of that adds up to life spilling over- sometimes lovely, sometimes messy, often both at once. 

Sarah has captured that quality of life, that the good and the hard often come as a packaged deal. 
And as she guides us through a few of her days, she reminds us that as challenging as it all is, it's worth it. 

She says she often asks her husband "Can you believe how good this all is?" 
And his answer is no, he has a hard time believing it and he never could have imagined it. But it's so good.

I thank Revell for providing me with a review copy.

Ps.... for those of you who think Parshall sounds like a familiar name, it is. Sarah's Mom is Janet Parshall, host of the radio show In the Market.
Janet's steady voice brings us the news of the Body worldwide, and keeps us up to date on the work of God's people to spread His love.

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