Thursday, March 19, 2015

Skin in the Game

Skin in the Game

Skin in the Game: A personal investment- holding nothing back- laying yourself on the line. 

If I asked you to think of this phrase in connection with the Gospel, you may see Jesus in your mind's eye. Obviously, he put His skin in the game. In the immortal words "Being in very nature God, He humbled himself...." and He bared His Divinity in flesh, offering Himself to and for the world. 

Yes, Jesus has skin in the game. But Rick Lawrence says it doesn't stop there. Jesus is the reason we get to "play the game" at all, but we have to offer our skin, too. The life of faith, Rick insists, is a life of risk. 

Calculation, analysis, and circumspection all have their place... but they aren't ends unto themselves. There comes a time to step out and try. 
Rick walks us through seven Gospel encounters between Christ and a man or woman, and shows that each time Jesus pushed them to put their skin in the game. 

The woman at the well had to face her shame. 
The man at the pool in Bethesda had to own his deepest desires.
Peter had to confront his fear and move in illogical, water-walking trust. 
Mary and Martha had to bear a waiting period, with their beloved brother cold in the grave. 

Every story, when you look at it closely, involved a risk. On one side of their decision hung the weight of past- my brother died, my body is diseased, I've never stood on a wave before, I've ben rejected so many times there's nothing left of me- and on the other side was the promise of Christ's words. 

They chose right. 

Rick Lawrence makes me want to choose right too, to trust the One who understands me fully and who leads me risk-by-risk.
And every time we offer our skin in the game of life, we find ourselves in Him- awake and alive and reflecting Him a wee bit more.

I thank Kregel Publishers for providing me with a review copy.

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