Sunday, March 29, 2015

Why Easter & Why Christmas?

Why Easter?

Oh, this small Easter Bible study will lead children to some big truth! If you follow the prompts, you'll discuss concepts such as:
Why was Jesus a man of sorrows?
What does it mean that death has lost its sting?
Pilate seemed to be in control, how was Jesus the real victor?
What does it mean to boast in Christ and the power of His Resurrection?

This book provides a devotion for each day in the four weeks preceding Easter.
You read aloud the verses selected, and then Barbara Reaoch has written three or four paragraphs that help expound upon or explain the meanings. And then you talk it all over with the kids!

Each week also focuses on one of the great hymns, such as "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross," drawing insights out of the verses. Sing-along theology. What could be better?

I would pair this book, with all its clear Biblical teaching, with Plough Publishing's Easter Stories.
Then children would have truth in study time and in story time. Both books together would expand the reader's understanding of Easter and fill us with Resurrection hope.

I thank Cross Focused Reviews for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest opinion.

Why Christmas?

As with the complementary volume "Why Easter?" this Christmas devotional introduces children to grand truth. There are Bible verses to read, and then a short meditation to ponder on.
And then you discuss it!
"Angels appeared to shepherds. Why lowly shepherds? Nobody cared about them. But God did. Because they were poor in heart, and we can be too."

There's so much to talk about here....
How does the very name Jesus show that He is our promised Savior?
What does it mean that Jesus was the Word long before He was born in a manger?
Where does the book of Micah tell us that He will be born in Bethlehem?
What does it mean in Isaiah when He is called Immanual, God-with-us?

There are four carols/hymns in this book as well, and we explore some of there verses.
Why does Silent Night tell us that He is "Jesus, Lord at Thy birth," and how is He the Everlasting Light that shone in Bethlehem?

If you approach Bible study in a gentle, affectionate, inquiring way, I think any child could enjoy it.
So open your Bibles together, and let's find out Why Christmas?

I thank Cross Focused Reviews for my copy of this book.

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