Sunday, April 5, 2015

April 5th 2015

 "Why do you look for the living among the dead? 
He is not here, He has risen!"
~ Words recorded from the first century AD, as being spoken from angels to women. 

"So we come down to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 
It's so petty; it's so trivial; it's so local; it's so earthbound; 
it's so unworthy of the universe."
~ Prof. Dawkins, debating Prof. Lennox 

Never-the-less, whenever that crystal clear word "resurrection" shall be heard and understood, a prior word must be heard and perceived: "Death." It must be seen that in the midst of life, even in blooming and healthy life, there is a yawning chasm, a deep pit that cannot be filled by any art or power of man. Only one word is sufficient to cover this chasm, to fill this pit: "Jesus is victor!" That is,  resurrection. 
~Karl Barth

"The resurrection narratives are not a picture of survival after death; 
they record how a totally new mode of being has arisen in the Universe. 
That is the story. What are we going to make of it?"
~C. S. Lewis  

Love is the victor. Death is not the end. His life and our lives through him, in him.
Existence has greater depths of beauty, mystery, and benediction that the wildest visionary has ever dared to dream. Christ our Lord has risen. ~Frederick Buechner

Above all else, I want Easter to be true because of its promise 
that someday I will get my friends back. 
I want to abolish that word irreversible forever. 
Death be not proud, wrote John Donne. God will not let death win. 
~Philip Yancey

"I am the resurrection and the life..."
~Jesus of Nazareth

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