Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Chasing Sunsets~

Chasing Sunsets (Angels Walking #2)

Karen Kingsbury's second novel in the Angels Walking series shares the same awesome premise as the first- sometimes angels come to earth in human form. 

In this case, the angels are trying to preserve two lives. The first is Marcus Dillinger, a pro baseball player with a passion for helping inner city kids. The second is Mary Catherine, a woman who inspires passion and joy in everyone she meets.  

It's Mary Catherine's heart- the spiritual one- that grabs Marcus' attention. She's so gracious and generous, she's the kind of woman he wouldn't deserve. 
And it's Mary Catherine's heart- the physical one- that keeps her from allowing love a foot in the door. 
Her heart is diseased, and she knows that she may not see thirty years of age. Because she understands her condition, she lives by a chosen motto: It's not how many days you live, it's how much life you have in your days. 

Enter their common mission field: a group of youth, who will be sent to prison if this intervention program fails. And while Marcus and MC pledge to do their best, there are also two angels watching over them.

First, I've gotta say that letting one angel come as a policeman is the neatest thing. Especially because Karen Kingsbury's family experienced a moment of prayer with a policeman during a family crisis, and later on nobody could identify him. Was he, perhaps, an angel walking?  

Second, Marcus and MC are such likable characters. How can you not cheer for them? 
{And if you read the first book, you'll be meeting up again with your old friends Sami and Tyler.} 

This book is deeply inspirational, because it showcases the power of prayer and reality of miracles. 
I love a story of healing. God absolutely can and does do miracles. 
However, I would not want to read a series where every patient was healed, every relationship restored, every home rebuilt- because that's not the world we have today. 
Sometimes, I need to read a story where the healing doesn't come, and the author somehow shows me that the Love doesn't waver and the Glory doesn't depart. 
I'm glad that Karen balances these realities- Yes, God moves in our world, yes, things that happen hurt us badly. His presence and our pain are not exclusive of each other. 
So you'll see moments of miracle in this story, though the prison system and the hospital hallways still exist, and characters will learn to live with strength in a broken world.

There's a fine old song by the country group Alabama, called Angels Among Us. 
I'm going to close by sharing the lyrics. 
"I believe there are angels among us/
Sent down to us from Somewhere up above/
They come to you and me in our darkest hours/ 
To show us how to give, to teach us how to live, to guide us with the light of love/
They wear so many faces, show up in the strangest places/ 
Grace us with their mercy in our time of need/
Oh, I believe there are angels among us."   


Thank you Howard Books for my review copy. 

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