Friday, April 10, 2015

Summer by Summer, a Novel.

Summer by Summer

This story begins with starry skies above a tropical paradise. Belize is an amazing place to work as a nanny over school vacation. 
And 18 year-old Summer hopes that this experience will help bring about a new beginning for her. She doesn't expect it to work a miracle, but she does hope for light at the end of the tunnel. 

You see, Summer is jaded and wounded from an experience that scarred her deeply. Even the people closest too her don't know the depth of her turmoil. And she certainly never intended to unpack her baggage with a stranger.
Especially not one like Bray. 

The college-age son of her employers, Bray is everything Summer can't stand. He unsettles her, and she tries to avoid him.
On his part, Bray thinks that Summer hides behind a guarded persona because she is afraid of life.
And she may dismiss him, but he finds himself unable to ignore the genuine, complex girl he catches glimpses of. 
Deep down inside, he believes they aren't so different after all. At the very least, they should give each other a chance! 

An uneasy truce made between them is soon tested when an island adventure goes wrong. 
They had hoped to "survive" the summer's tension, and suddenly they're working together on actual survival. 
Be prepared for suspense! 

Without giving anything away, this is a book you won't want to put down. Stranded on a lush-and-lethal island, Bray and Summer find themselves working together, protecting each other, and eventually understanding each other. 
And for Summer, that might be the scariest thing of all. 

This is a story about losing somebody you love, and somehow learning to hope again. 
Heather Burch avoids cliches and pat "answers," opting to explore emotions and feelings in a realistic way.  

This story reminded me of another worthy Young Adult read, Nicole Quigley's "Like Moonlight at Low Tide." 
If you're looking for two captivating-and-meaningful beach reads this summer, these are the two I suggest.

I thank Blink YA Books and BookLook for providing me with a review copy.

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