Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Friend in Me~

A Friend in Me: Building Trust with the Next Generation of Women

First off, I'm reading and reviewing (and enjoying) this book as one of The Next Generation.
(No, not the Star Trek fandom, the young Christians growing up today.) 

And I have to say, I love the ideas behind this book and I want to be a part of putting these concepts into practice. 

The longing for somebody to listen to us without getting upset or thinking they need to be our savior, to share their life lessons without being heavy handed or negative and to give the precious gift of their time and affection- I think those are universal desires. 

Some say it's mentoring, some say it's making disciples, some just call it friendship, whatever word you use it all comes down to intentional investment in another's life. I can do that, you can do that, and somebody can do that for us. 

Frankly, if an older woman came alongside me and began listening to me and talking with me following the approach outlined in this book, I'd probably soak it right up. Pamela encourages women to gain one main quality- that of being a safe haven. 

If you expect to speak frankly about "vocation" and "sexuality" and other charged topics, then you'd better be an open-hearted listener. We'd better know that our secrets are safe and our struggles aren't turn-offs. You'd better be able to bear with issues that may have no resolution, and to encourage our frail little dreams. 

There is a place- a big place- for guidance and even correction. 
It just has to be planted in the good soil of Trust, Comfort, Understanding, and Compassion. 
"A Friend in Me" makes this abundantly clear. And it also makes clear the wonderful weight of a well-spoken word. Kind words, inspiring words, dream-giving words, they can feed a heart and change a whole life. 

So let's all be a safe haven for somebody. Let's all speak worthy words. Let's be friends. 

Thank you David C Cook publishers through Litfuse Publicity for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest opinion.

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