Monday, May 4, 2015

Reservations for Two~

Reservations for Two (Two Blue Doors #2)

Oh, I have been waiting for this book! 
Ever since last spring when Hillary Manton Lodge seated me at "A Table by the Window," I've been hoping for "Reservations for Two." When it arrived, I dug right in. 
{A witness described me as "glued to that book."} 

Right away, I remembered why Juliette D'Alisa is a favorite character. She's intense- she lives life with a passion that may be partly genetic, her being French and Italian. She's insecure too, just unsure enough about who she is and what she should do that I can understand her. And the author nails this character's voice. Juliette, Etta, Jules... whatever name you call her, she doesn't falter as she narrates events and shares her emotions. 

And she can cook! This story made me hungry for every recipe Juliette mentions. Like the first volume, this isI one fine literary feast. 

And then the humor- various quirky characters provide funny lines throughout this book.
Example: "I can clean an oven like no one's business. My skills with an oven brush are show clap worthy. Children dream of one day being able to clean an oven like me. Old men weep." 

Most of all, mixed in with the food and the humor, I love the aspect of family.
I wanted more time with the D'Alisa gang, both those related to each other by blood and those chosen as friends. And they're all here...
Clementine, the meticulous pastry chef. Alex, the quiet eldest brother. Comic Nico, who says what he's thinking. Wise Caterina, whom Juliette leans on. Opinionated Sophie, who really does care. Adrian, the sous chef who's a little to close for Juliette's comfort. 
They're all integral parts of the D'Alisa clan. They're the sort that will pitch in with prep work during the dinner rush or support you during an ER visit. They're the kind who will distract your worry with Bananagrams in the middle of the night.

There's plenty of tension, or shall we say "growth opportunities," in this book, so all that familial support is absolutely necessary. Reading this, I felt like I'd been listening to a friend who has familiar concerns about family and identity and work. 

So, was the sequel worth the wait? Yes. I so enjoy reading about this restaurant family whose world revolves around cooking food and sharing it to nourish other people. 
So, now I guess I have to wait for 2016 for the conclusion to the Two Blue Doors' Series. 
I'll be waiting with eager anticipation. That's for sure. Thank you Blogging for Books for my review copy!

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