Sunday, May 3, 2015


Unoffendable: How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better

So we look at the world and we think "Oh, the road rage and the internet unkindness and the short tempers and long grudges! Oh it's all so unpleasant." 
Now imagine if somebody boiled it all down to a personal challenge for you and for me: Become "unoffendable." 
Take yourself right off the market of being mad, get off the bus to bitterness, deal with injustice without outrage. 
That would be really hard. 
And maybe really beneficial. 
And maybe it's even got roots in the Gospel. 
That's what Brant Hansen is here to try to persuade you of. 

Living life unoffended (by other people's snappy responses and inconvenient stupidity and downright sinfulness) will set you free to do God's work during the day and to sleep better at night, and maybe it's what Jesus called us to all along. 

There are about a hundred objections to this theory- "What about righteous anger? What about anger that fuels constructive work? Shouldn't I be angry at evil?" - and I think Brant answers most of them. 
When Brant starts leading us to Scripture, showing us things like James 1:20, we wonder why we've never heard about this before.
For the last decades we've been told all these things about how anger can be positive, while personal experience tells us it's a cruel and ugly master.
No wonder we're confused!

Brant knows what we are as humans. We're concerned about our rights, we want to get back at those who insult us, we check out everybody's behavior and respond to them accordingly- often with anger. And he knows who God is. God is the only One with the right to be angered, and only He can handle anger's power with perfect justice and mercy. For the rest of us, anger is really effective if we're attacking someone, and really unhelpful when we're solving problems. 

And the whole time you're reading this book, trying to swallow the curative pill of releasing your right to be angry, Brant will make you laugh. He has some terribly funny stories to tell, most of them him picking on himself. 

This book is a shove in the right direction- toward rest and release and restoration for us and the world.
Go read it.

Thank you Booklook for providing me with a review copy.

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