Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Broken Blade~

The Broken Blade: No Man Can Serve Two Masters Forever (The Knight of Eldaran #3)

Eamon Goodman is the traitor's heir, who fears that his own blood will betray his faltering faith. 
He is the King's Hand, who bears two conflicting titles and is claimed by opposite loyalties. 

Now, in the third and final volume of Anna Thayer's Knight of Eldaran Trilogy, the stakes are higher than they've ever been before. 
How can a man whose spirit was captured by the clear light from the Star of Brenuin serve under the draining red fire of the Throned? How can he be the oppressors Right Hand? For that is what Eamon is- Right Hand over the River Realm. 

And the Realm writhes and frets, every corner full of destruction and suspicion. Eamon's beloved city is held in the poisoned grip of the Master, and the scent of war is born on every breath of wind. The feared invasion of the Serpent and his forces terrifies the weakened citizens, yet for Eamon, that day will be the coming of his King. "Hold fast," he whispers courage to his own heart- but the lies still torment him, flooding his mind, and the Master feeds him tastes of power.

Can a broken blade be made true? 

I don't dare try to thoroughly explain what makes this set of books so fine. All a review can do is hint at the goodness of them.
If you're considering diving into Eamon's series, expect to find words well used, drawing images that linger in your mind's eye. 
Expect to follow the action with rapid page turning, *and* spend time quietly absorbing the kindness and majesty and honor and truth that you'll find. 

I thank Lion Hudson for gifting me with copies of all three books as they were published, in exchange for honest opinions. 

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