Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Reasonable Response~


First, I have to apologize for not giving this book the reading it deserved. I was far out of my depth in this material, and I didn't know that when I requested this book for review. I had experienced Professor Craig's writing only as quotes in other people's books, and I wanted an entire volume by him. 

I am glad that I have "A Reasonable Response" as a reference book, but I won't be able to appreciate it without more study. My main trouble was that I'm not conversant with the terminology used. That is s not to say that Dr. Craig doesn't define his terms- he does, quite well. It's just that I haven't immersed myself in these ideas enough so that I could understand how it all fit together. 

At some point, I hope to return to this book and re-encounter the concepts of "metaphysical necessity," or the difference between a premise being true and being warranted, or what it means for a belief to be "properly basic." 

At this point, I'll say that Part Five was the one I spent the most time in, "Questions about Jesus Christ and being His disciple." I was able to access the arguments in this section with a bit more success. 

Section Six, on personal and moral issues, may provide a few moments of disagreement when he discusses the practical implications of his views. Read, as always, with an eye for unity amid differing opinions. 

I thank Moody Press Newsroom for providing me with a review copy, and I'm sorry my "review" was so anemic.

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