Monday, July 13, 2015

A Trip Around the Sun~

A Trip Around the Sun: Turning Your Everyday Life Into the Adventure of a Lifetime

I had heard so much about Mark Batterson's books, but I'd never gotten around to reading one of them. I decided to change that when "A Trip Around the Sun" came up for review from Baker books.

In this book, Mark introduces us to his dear friend and mentor, Richard Foth. Together, these men lay out their visions for what abundant, adventurous life looks like. Both men find God to be the source of all goodness, so worship of Him and service for Him provides their daily purpose, and inspires their work.

In a series of short dual-perspective chapters, Mark and Dick engage with various personal-growth themes. You can tell from the way their thoughts complement each other that they have a bond of deep respect and affection. This comes through in their writing, and each thought they present comes with stories from their own lives.

The last sentence of each chapter gives you a peek into the heart of their message.
"Don't Accumulate Possessions, Accumulate Experiences."
"Goals are Dreams with Deadlines."
"Catch People Doing Things Right."
"Happiness is a by-product of Holiness."
"Never Lose a Holy Curiosity."
"The Greatest Freedom is Having Nothing to Prove."
"The Closest Thing to Christ-Likeness is Child-Likeness."
And finally, "It's Never Too Late to Be Who You Might Have Been."

Clearly, this is a book by men who believe that God isn't going to run short of glory or mercy, and that we all can live with grace and enthusiasm.
If that sounds good to you, or if you feel like you're stuck in a rut, grab a copy of "A Trip Around the Sun."

Meanwhile, I'll be on the lookout for other Batterson books. 

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