Saturday, July 11, 2015

Dare to Answer~

Dare to Answer: 8 Questions that Awaken Your Faith

"Dare to Answer" by John Busaker is one of those books that immediately sets you off in the wrong direction. 
You read something it in and you think "This would be great for so-and-so, she really needs this." 

The author describes two doors. Behind the first one are fifteen things that are not pretty, and we can easily fool ourselves into thinking "Nope, that's not me." Door number two hides nine aspects, all God-inspired, which we could all enjoy more of with some time and care. 

This could be considered a self-help book. It's easy going and at the end of each question/chapter there are a couple of Scriptures to examine and a couple personal challenges to address. 

It is designed to deepen your faith, with the author realizing that this takes time and patience. I liked it, and now am going to look through it again for the referenced Scriptures. 

It's a hardcover book, small in size, and would make a good travel companion. 
Thank you to Worthy Publishing for providing me with a review copy.

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