Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Love Arrives in Pieces~

Love Arrives in Pieces

 Mosaic: disparate, broken pieces, some of them literal trash, selected by an artist and then brought together into a new whole that is so right and true that you almost forget the material's past existence- but not quite. 

 When you look at a mosaic, you're aware that the current beauty was formed out of sheer brokenness. The past is renewed and reformed in the present, and we recognize the art of that. 

 The idea of a mosaic as a metaphor for our spiritual transformation is not a new one, but it is incarnated in a fresh and satisfying way in Betsy St. Amant's latest novel. 

 At first I thought, "Well, this is like a decent Hallmark movie. Guy and girl have A History Together, and both of them are All Grown Up Now and Trying to Move On, but they end up in the Same Small Town and all the old patterns are still in place. Sparks Fly, Etc. That's nice. This will be an entertaining little read." 

 And then by the end I was saying "Whoa. That went deeper than I'd thought it would." 

 If you want a love story, you'll find one here. If you also want a touch of grace, a reminder that our pieces can come back together in surprising, healing, and lovely ways.... then you'll find that here too. 

 I thank Booklook for providing me with a copy of Love Arrives in Pieces in exchange for my opinion. :-)

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