Friday, July 3, 2015

Seeing in the Dark~

Seeing in the Dark: Finding God's Light in the Most Unexpected Places

I never try to stare at the noonday sun, yet I'll feast eyes on its reflected light in a rising moon. 
Electricity is a wonderful convenience, yet some of my favorite evenings come from power outages when my world is lit only by candles. 

I can conjure up those images right now: the moon, like a burnished pearl in the Eastern sky, and the candle flames flickering in every air current. Why do they make such an impression on me? 
Because in both cases, I was seeing pure light in the darkness. 

Now this is a statement from Captain Obvious, but I'll make it anyway: In the darkness, light is necessary and precious. And as Nancy Ortberg admits in this book, some parts of life defy any other description than "dark." Yet at the same time, our Savior called Himself the Light of the World. 

This new book by Nancy came to me at just the right time. The past few weeks have been a reminder that it is good *and* hard to be human. A book about "finding God's light in the most unexpected places" was just what I needed. 

Nancy's writing style is neither cozy nor is it stark. Her words are borne from living, and from meditating on what life does to us as we live it. I felt as if she knew me at times.  
I love the Dallas Willard wisdom that she shares here- "God only meets us in one place, and that's reality."
She takes that basic heartbeat, and traces out what that means. When reality is dark and God is our Light, what has that meant to her? To people she's talked to? How has it changed the way they walk in a time of darkness? 

Each chapter is connected, because they're all about the same theme- Light in the dark. Yet they're each self-contained, almost like a collection of essays. I skipped around, reading one at a time and stopping often to re-read and consider and then underline or make a note. There's gems of truth in here.

I'll be filing this book on my keeper shelf, and I'll be looking for Nancy's other book, "Looking for God." 

I thank Tyndale for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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