Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tattered and Mended

Tattered and Mended: The Art of Healing the Wounded Soul

Battered. Broken. Frayed. Cast-off. Shattered. Torn. Tarnished. 
Those words describe the way that human hearts and souls can sometimes feel. Painful to read it, isn't it? But who hasn't lived this list in one way or another? Who doesn't know their own tattered edges?

Now, another list.
Rescued. Pieced-together. Reclaimed. Healed. Restored. 
These words describe what God can do, if He is offered our raw and ragged materials to work with. 

The past cannot be changed. Some scars do not fade. 
Some devastating choices will echo on in your ears over decades. 
Yes, there are things beyond fixing.... if what you mean by "fixing" would requires a time machine, putting things back the way they were.

Yet there's nothing beyond mending, because mending operates out of the truth of being torn. 
What tattered soul wouldn't be drawn to the offer of mending? 

Cynthia Ruchti cups her two hands and dips into the well of Hope, drawing from the deep heart of Jesus, and she holds them out to you in these pages. "Come," says, "and believe in the mending, because here's where I'm mended. See where he restored my soul? Where are you torn? " 
Cynthia is talking about the hardest, grittiest circumstances. Prison sentences and battles with metal illness are not brushed under the rug. She is convinced that God can take on all tears, all tatters. Even if you've been ripped in half, she dares you to believe that He can close your wound. 

"Tattered and Mended" is a delight to read. It's rich, oh-so-rich with Scripture and tender wisdom. You could read it in a gulp if your heart is hungry, or you can nibble it slice by slice for a bit of goodness every day. 

Every page whispers "Look, the Glory of God." Because that's where we see his glory, just as it was in the Gospel- when Christ touches human suffering, and mends it.  

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